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With a Siemens fire protection solution you can rest assured you will not only provide a safer environment for your building occupants but know you’re making a smart decision to protect your people, business, and future.

Siemens offers a full portfolio of fire protection products. From cost efficient and comprehensive systems to intelligent detection technology, you can rely on a flexible solution for any application within small to large facilities.  Siemens fire detection, notification and suppression products are the answer to protecting your people and property.

Fire Alarm Siemens fire alarm systems provide unbeatable accuracy and ease-of-use for building personnel, installers, and firefighters. All the features that make them simple to handle are designed to reduce costs over the life of the system. From flexible architecture, to time-and-money-saving installation features, Siemens intelligent fire detection and fire alarm systems support a broad range of buildings, applications and markets. Siemens offers flexible modernization plans for the life cycle of your fire alarm system from assessment and identification through consultation and recommendations to implementation.

Fire Suppression

Siemens has innovated Fire Suppression Solutions for true added protection when you need to ensure the safety of your assets and overall business continuity. Sinorix 1230 is the latest generation of their chemical extinguishing systems, offering a range of unique features and benefits. This integral solution from one source also comprises a comprehensive service portfolio – from risk assessment, system design, installation, and commissioning to maintenance. Sinorix 1230 is based on a long-term, sustainable technology that has one of the highest safety margins and ensures quick and reliable extinguishing without negative impact on the environment, especially on global warming. The 42-bar technology from Siemens is space-saving and assures maximum design flexibility in engineering.

Detection is the first step to protecting a home or business and the people and property within its walls. Bosch’s new intrusion portfolio addresses the challenges customers face every day. Intelligent detectors with false alarm immunity, keypads that are easier to use, panels with more power, and communications solutions that create the highest quality in reliable solutions for your facility.

Bosch offers a broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable detection and notification. Their solutions provide precise, life-saving information at critical moments and are relied upon to help protect office buildings, warehouses, lodging establishments, educational facilities, retail stores and many other types of facilities.

Bosch raises the bar in intrusion detection to meet the higher security requirements of commercial applications. Their IP video is based on three pillars. They provide the highest quality of relevant IP video images anytime, anywhere while guaranteeing the most efficient bit-rate and lowest storage requirements. Above all, they deliver superior intelligence and analytics being at the forefront of the commercial industry.

Potters products are designed and built with care and integrity. Potter has been committed to the highest standards of excellence, translating into becoming a global brand. From blueprint, to manufacturing, to installation, Potter ensures superiority.

Potters is our open source product that can fulfill many of your facilities needs. Potters products can be found throughout many distributions warehouses and readily available at a competitive price point. Potters provides sprinkler, fire alarm, and security platforms with quality products that help protect lives and investments all over.